Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hey wizard! Where is your feet?

Bana M

 I had a crazy week last week . That is not a good walk. I Hope for next week.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 2: Wizard/Sorcerer/Sorceress

Alright! Week 2 of The Weekly Walk! I feel kind of bad and a little hypocritical since I still haven't put up a walk for week one to be posting a theme for week two, but... oh well.

So, this week, let's have the theme of Wizard/Sorcerer/Sorceress. The character can be most any shape/size/build, but must have some sort of cape or robe for drag/overlapping action and a magical implement prop(staff, sword, wand, lamp, etc.).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Bouncer" Walk

I added unnecessary stuff because that's what I do when I have three other assignments to finish.

EDIT:  Yeah dude.


Jake Bouncer

Yeah dude.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bouncer - John Guy

Let's kick this thing off.  Here is my submission for the bouncer.  I was going for a lot of shoulder movement and minimized up and down movement.  I feel I accomplished that.  The ponytail seems to bounce more than it realistically would but I am ok with that.  Also, the inside of the far hand boils quite a bit, but this is a rough animation anyway so I'm not going to go back in and fix it.
-John Guy

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 1 - The Bouncer / Bodyguard

For the first theme,  I have chosen a bouncer or bodyguard type character.  He or she is a large, strong, bulky character.  His or her job is protecting others.  He or she is very confident, perhaps brash or cocky.  Happy Animating!
-John Guy

The Weekly Walk

This blog, The Weekly Walk, has been created by the Capilano Commercial Animation class of 2013, based on an assignment by our first-year animation professor Don Perro, for the purpose of improving our animation ability.  Every week a theme will be provided and group members will animate a character walking across the screen.   There are no requirements.  The animation can be rough or cleaned up, full animation or only keys, hand drawn or flash, stop motion or 3d,  any other method of animation.  Though this blog was created for the Capilano Commercial Animation class of 2013, any one with an interest in animation is welcome to join.  Weekly participation, though encourage, is by no means required.  We hope to create a space where people are free to be creative and have fun with the medium they love.  We also greatly appreciate any feedback or critique whether from experienced animators, students or people who just love animation.  If you wish to join contact me and tell me who you are and why you want to join.  Happy Animating!