Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Bouncer - John Guy

Let's kick this thing off.  Here is my submission for the bouncer.  I was going for a lot of shoulder movement and minimized up and down movement.  I feel I accomplished that.  The ponytail seems to bounce more than it realistically would but I am ok with that.  Also, the inside of the far hand boils quite a bit, but this is a rough animation anyway so I'm not going to go back in and fix it.
-John Guy


  1. Oooo... fun, man. Nice and smooth. I like the ponytail drag. I'm not sure if I like the arm shapes, though. They're so stiff. I wonder if even a little bit more bend at the strides might help them?

    Still, congrats on doing the first weekly walk! I'll have to get one up in the next day or two!

  2. The only thing I notice(besides stiff arms) is that his shoulder blades don't match up to his shoulders.. but that's not a problem with the walk :P Great motion in the legs, and excellent Steven Seagal-looking dude.. be it intentional or otherwise xD

  3. Alex, the stiff arms were intentional. I thought of him as a very stiff character.

    Sadie, good point. I didn't put much thought into the shoulder blades. I just put them on to make it more clear which side is the back. You're right they don't line up

    Thanks I always appreciate feedback :-)